Recipe: Blackberries and Lemon Cake

Blackberry season at our house is officially over. The berries have been eaten and right at this moment my husband is out in the patch trimming off the berry plants.

Our blackberry bushes have a long history. The originally came from my great grandfather Ole Larson’s farm over a century ago. Then, they traveled to my brother’s farm and then to our suburban backyard.

On grandfather’s farm the blackberries grew along the field road to the north and west of the farmhouse, along the pig pasture. I remember as child how great the temptation to sneak out there and eat them by the handfuls, but then there would not be enough blackberries to make into jam and sauce. So, snacking them down was discouraged by the cooks in the family.

I think one of the best after school snacks in the world was coming home to warm homemade molasses oatmeal or white bread spread with lots of melting fresh butter and topped with blackberry jam. That jam was so good you just wanted to eat it by the spoonful.

Blackberry sauce was canned in quart jars. It was only eaten on special occasions like birthdays and Christmas. It was served over Swedish rice pudding that was made in a double boiler. The top of the rice pudding was always garnished with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Delicious!

However, if you want a quick delicious summer dessert to go with some fresh berries try this quick lemon cake recipe. It only has three ingredients and bakes up to be one of the most moist spongy lemon cakes you will ever eat. Turn it into a dessert by topping it with some vanilla ice cream and fresh berries.

You can also cut this cake into small squares and serve as bars.

Quick Lemon Cake

1 box of one step Angel food cake mix
1 can of lemon pie filling
1 cup of coconut

In a medium sized metal mixing bowl, combine cake mix, lemon pie filling and coconut. Spread batter into a 9X19 ungreased cake pan. Bake for 25 minutes or just until it begins to brown and springs back with lightly touched in the middle.
Cool and lightly glaze.


4 tablespoons cream
½ teaspoon vanilla extract

Enough powdered sugar to make the glaze a thin drizzling consistency.
Drizzle glaze over the cake.

Top with vanilla ice cream and fresh berries.


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