Just Saying….Let the Little Children Come Onto Me

Someone recently asked me what I would do with all of the children immigrants that have been flooding across our borders into our southern states creating an immigration and budget crisis. I have thought about it a lot and get no farther than these are children. In my mind I can only replace their faces with the faces and feelings of my children at those ages and conclude that if my child was in their shoes I would want someone to protect them, feed them, heal them and yes, love them. They are children.

As I sit in this house fighting cancer day after day wishing to be well and envying the abled bodied, so I can again help others, I see commercial after commercial about saving puppies, kitties, wild horses and feeding the starving children. Yet, I hear from some of those same people who give so generously to those causes speak of these poor scared, hungry children who have sought refuge on our shores, no differently I might add than my ancestors did five generations ago, as if they are vermin.

I hear all the time from fellow Republican’s that we need to return to being a “Christian” nation. As a Christian, I cannot get two bible verses out my head when I think of these children, “Let the little children come onto me for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven” or the verse, “ you do this to the least of mine you have done so onto me.” Where is Christ in our response to these infants, toddlers and young people? These children truly are the least of society, don’t they deserve the same kind compassion that an injured or abused animal would receive from our public?

May be it’s because I am fighting cancer or mostly because I have spent a lifetime loving the Lord Jesus Christ, but when I look at our society we are so screwed up. If you replaced the term “Illegal immigrant children,” with the terms such as saving a wild horse, or cat or puppy or “feed the starving children”, as long as they are in another country, the response would be so different…so positive.  Yes, there is very little compassion or sympathy for these brave independent head strong children who have risked life and limb to come to come to this country. If you stop to think about it, they are so very much like the very first immigrants to come to our shores centuries ago.

So, my answer to the question, “What would I do about the children?” I would follow the law. If it is legal for them to stay I would help them become productive citizens. If they are in violation of law, I would follow the law. But, I would never forget that they are children and they would be treated humanely. I can’t think of a more Christian way to spend my tax dollars or offering than to help those who cannot help themselves…including these children.

Then I would use every means at my disposal to lobby the tit for tat finger pointing do nothing but bitch about the other side politicians in Congress demanding that they need to actually put our nation ahead of their own personal selfish political ambitions and pass a realistic comprehensive affordable immigration law that protects the security of this nation while still providing legal avenues for citizenship for immigrant masses who long for liberty. Just saying…..


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