Poetry: The Aspen Tree

These past two weeks have been both physically and emotionally trying.  After having chemo for the past four months for multiple myeloma, a bone marrow cancer that is not curable but is treatable, it  finally occurred to me how sick I have been and still am.

I just got my latest round of tests back this morning they were all good.  The tests that measure how well the chemo is working are exactly where the doctor wanted them to be.  I will find out later this week if I will have a couple of more months of chemo, then a stem cell transplant.  Or go right into the transplant process soon. 

Either way  after I finish the transplant and all of the bones that were broken in my back from the cancer heal up and get strong again,  I can look forward to many years of good health. Yes, this cancer always returns, but with new therapies and prayer someday, someone’s will not…and I’d like to think that will be me or because I helped advance treatments for someone else.

My past two weeks reminded me of these poems I wrote over twenty years ago when I was fighting thyroid cancer.  I still want to be the aspen tree.

The Aspen Tree

I want the sun the shine on me
As it shone today on that little golden tree
It stood alone
Not big, but proud
For it stood out from the amidst
The dark hues of the evergreen crowd


Tears are not weak
They’re just a strong heart
Tearing a little when experience speaks



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