Thor’s Stories: The Dog With Magical Eyes

Dog with sunglasses

The Dog with Magical Eyes

It was a hot and humid August day in Minnesota. One where even the mosquitoes rest under the shade of great oak trees drinking lemonade and fanning themselves just to keep cool. It was the kind of day to play indoors to escape the high heat and humidity.

Thor was doing just that.  He was nice and cool inside his air conditioned home playing Minecraft when he was distracted from his video gaming by the sight of Rex, his dog jumping against the dining room window.

Rex was an unusual dog for many reasons, one of which was he had one eye of brown and one eye of blue. This made his eyes goofy to look at most of the time, but this morning was especially special for he was wearing sunglasses and Thor knew from past experience just what that meant.

“Great” shouted Thor, “It’s happened again!” Thor put the video controller down and raced to his room to get his tools, a magnet and tape. Then, on his way outside, he stopped in the kitchen to grab a bag of white fluffy marshmallows. Then, he, raced with up most speed for his backyard….known as “the jungle.

Thor could hear Rex scratching his claws on the back of the great wooden gate that was the entry into the jungle.  He slowly opened the gate and peeked into the jungle to access the severity of the situation. As Thor suspected he found Rex sitting there with his tongue hanging out dripping with wet slimy dog spit juices, ears fully cocked upright and wearing sunglasses. This could only mean one thing…his eye of blue and his eye of brown were in a magical trance. Rex had a another case of the magical eyes!

Thor alone knew the secret of his dog’s magical eyes. When Rex’s eyes glowed in a magical trance that dog could find gold!!! Yes, there must be gold somewhere in the jungle.

Thor wasted no time unlatching the great gate and entering the jungle. He got out his tools – a shovel, pick ax, bucket and gold mining pan. Then, he turned on the hose creating a jungle river for washing any gold he may find. After, he had the water gushing good, Thor put the shovel over his shoulder and followed Rex.

The first place Thor looked for the gold was in the hollow tree by the wee tiny blue door that leads to the leprechaun universe. Nope, no pot of gold there. However, the leprechauns had left him a package of zebra-striped gum, which was so kind of them as they knew it was his favorite. After Thor put a stick of gum in his mouth, and left the leprechauns a nice thank you note, he pressed on with his treasure hunt. That is when he spied Rex digging furiously under the giant rhubarb leaves.

That must be the spot thought Thor. He took his shovel and helped Rex dig. Rhubarb leaves and dirt went flying into the air as Rex and Thor feverishly searched for gold deep down in the dirt. Thor filled his bucket with the dirt from the Rhubarb patch and went to the gushing stream. He furiously swirled the water around and around in his gold pan rinsing away the light dirt, but no heavy golden nuggets appeared at the bottom of his pan.

Hole after hole they dug. Pan after pan of mud was methodically sluiced. Soon, it was as obvious to both Thor and Rex that there was no gold under the rhubarb patch.

Rex quickly jumped out of a hole and sniffed his way along the edge of the rhubarb patch past the garden over to the tree fort. Thor trotted along behind Rex until he spied some nice sparkly rocks under the fort. Up into his tree fort Thor went with the rocks. He took out his pick ax and began to chip those rocks to bits. All the while checking to see if any of the sparkly bits were gold. Rock after rock was hammered to pieces, but no gold was found.

Just as he was beginning to think that Rex’s magical eyes no longer worked, that dog let out a loud long howl like an old farmer who caught the scent of freshly baked snickerdoodle cookies during a Minnesota blizzard and made straight for the back of the garden.

That’s when Thor saw it. The gold was everywhere. He gathered some together in his bucket and ran back to his jungle’s river. Once there he put the gold in his panning for gold pan and swirled the water around until it was clean and shimmered like the sun. He then carefully removed a golden nugget and bit into it…it was soft just like gold was supposed to be. They had found the gold at last!

Thor ran back to the spot where they found the gold and filled his pan. After he rinsed the nuggets off, but before testing them again for softness, he got out the marshmallows and gave Rex a handful. Marshmallow consumption was the only way to get Rex to sit still long enough for Thor to attach the magical eyes deactivation device.

As Rex slowing ate the gooey marshmallows, Thor went to work to put the anti-magical eyes deactivator on his dog. The deactivator was a delicate instrument and had to be gently taped in place. Once it was properly balanced and placed in exactly the right spot, right between Rex’s ears and just above his eyes, it had to be firmly stuck to his head with gum. Thank goodness for the thoughtful gift from the leprechauns!

Thor, knew the deactivator worked when, after eating all of the marshmallows, Rex laid down and closed his eyes and went to sleep.  It was then that Thor could safely remove the sunglasses that his poor stricken dog had been wearing all day.

Tired from all of his hard work, Thor happily sat down to look at all of the gold he had found. His pan was full to the brim. He took another golden nugget out of his pan to test it between his teeth to see if it, too, was as soft as the first one he tested. It was. It was also very sweet and tasty, as there is no greater treasure on a hot summer day than eating fresh cool golden raspberries. He then began testing one nugget after another until his tummy was full of berries.

It was just at that time that his dad came home from work and asked Thor what he’d done all day. Thor replied as usual, “Oh, nothing much.”

However, his dad did wonder why an empty marshmallow bag was in the backyard, gushing water from the hose had cut a miniature grand canyon across the entire lawn and had flooded the garden, broken rhubarb leaves seemed strategically placed to cover some mighty big holes, a small pile of chipped rocks littered the floor of Thor’s tree fort, the dog had a magnet stuck to the top of his head with tape and purple gum and his young son had his gold mining pan half-filled with bright yellow raspberries.

First, Thor and his dad shut off the hose. Then hand in hand they went into the house to find some butter to remove the tape and gum from Rex’s furry head, and get two spoons and some ice cream for the rest of those berries.



One thought on “Thor’s Stories: The Dog With Magical Eyes

  1. Reblogged this on The Swedish Farmer's Daughter and commented:

    I hope you enjoy this children’s story about a boy and his dog with magical eyes. When I wrote this series of stories for my grandson, I was in the midst of a multi-year cancer battle. I wanted to demonstrate how easy it is for a child to have great imaginary adventure using just their minds and everyday items. Creative play is so important and too few children in this over-scheduled society of ours get to experience it’s freedom. Being able to self create an imaginary world that is safe, fun and happy can be a great stress reducer for both children and cancer-stricken grandmothers…just saying.


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