36th Wedding Anniversary…What a difference a year makes

Last year on our anniversary I was in a nursing home on morphine suffering from several brittle bone disease that the doctors didn’t know how to treat. I couldn’t walk, or sit up.  I could not brush my own teeth and broke a bone in my back just trying to raise both arms at the same time to floss my teeth.  I had to wear a cast from my chin to my hips for almost a year and have to walk with walker.   And I had a lady that came into my room every night calling me Tracy and telling me that she had seen me do all kinds of evil things I had done and she was going to get me this time for sure.  Then, she’d  threatened to kill me by beating me to death with her cane.  At first, I thought I was just have morphine dreams, but then she came in when my husband was there.   The staff said she had dementia and was probably safe.  It was terrifying to be so vulnerable and not be even able to defend myself. Those were dark days indeed.

Well, new doctors were found and it was discovered the I have a bone marrow cancer called Multiple Myeloma.  It is what was messing up my bones. While this cancer is not curable, it is treatable and I am responding well to chemotherapy.

On Sunday we celebrated out anniversary by going hiking in a State Park…I walked a trail for almost a mile without tiring or having to rest…I still have to walk with a walker but, after being told last year I would be bed bound this anniversary is pretty sweet and so is that caregiver of a husband of mine!!!


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