The Swedish Farmer’s Daughter


Our farm is in Swede Grove Township, Minnesota near Grove City, Minnesota and once belonged to my great Uncle Alfred and Aunt Martha. Uncle Alfred was missing fingers and was short. The trait of shortness has been passed on to subsequent generations.


Currently my Mom and Dad live on the farm.  It is a beautiful century farm with a lake, great productive fields, beautiful gardens and lots of room to roam.  Growing up on this farm taught me the values of life that I still use everyday in my personal  and profession lives.   I learned to have  faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior and look to the Lord in good times and bad, the importance of people and family, perseverance,  a strong work ethic,  teamwork, creative problem solving as well as verbal and nonverbal communication skills.


This blog will be about my thoughts about the path of my life and some of the curves in the road and my many interests.  I will be sharing my views on topical issues, original short stories, my artwork  and recipes that are tried and tested.





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